Book a Chauffeur Driven Mercedes Maybach, Luxury Chauffeur Service Dubai

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The Mercedes Maybach was designed to be driven in, exuding class and elegance as well as offering a luxurious and spacious interior.

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The chauffeur driven Mercedes Maybach is ideal for corporate trips, luxury airport transfers of wedding chauffeur hire. Our highly-skilled and reliable Mercedes chauffeurs will get you to your chosen destination feeling relaxed and prepared, having had all your travel arrangements taken care of for you.

The exquisite and refined interior which Maybach have become famous for allows its passengers to experience unparalleled luxury, with a sleek and stylish exterior which will impress upon arrival, whether you’re meeting friends, clients or colleagues. If you’re looking to hire a Mercedes Maybach in Dubai or anywhere across the UAE, Tj Luxury Cars provide a five-star service.

As well as space four up to three passengers, our Mercedes Maybach hire cars offer plenty of storage space for suitcases, personal work equipment and everyday essentials.

Maybach – Luxury car with driver dubai

Elevate your transportation experience with our Maybach chauffeur service in Dubai. Enjoy the comfort and sophistication of traveling in style.Experience the height of luxury and convenience with our chauffeur-driven luxury cars in Dubai. Explore the city in style and comfort. Book now your exclusive ride now!

Interior and Features

Widely regarded as one of the most luxurious vehicles to be driven in, the interior of the Mercedes Maybach exceeds every level of expectation. State of the art technology is combined with some of the finest materials in the world for a comfortable, spacious and highly relaxing experience. The long-wheel base chauffeured Maybach offers even more legroom for rear passengers.

Beautifully modern yet built with the traditions and values that Maybach have always expressed, the finest quality leather has been chosen and expertly crafted to create a look which compliments its impressive exterior. Stunning color combinations and a high attention to detail provide a space which is tranquil and classic, ideal for taking some time for yourself.

maybach with chauffeur dubai

Whilst the standard features of the chauffeur-driven Maybach provide luxury Dubai transport for both business and pleasure, Tee Jay Luxury Cars recognizes every occasion is unique and provides additional extras to suit. From child car seats to luxury champagne packages and a full bodyguard service, we have something to make the luxury chauffeur experience memorable for every client. Simply request at the time of your chauffeur booking, either online or through our expert team and we will ensure your needs are met.

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Now you can relax throughout your entire journey, enjoying the sumptuous surroundings safe in the knowledge that Mercedes-Benz uses systems such as Intelligent Drive to provide maximum safety and comfort during any weather condition and on most terrains. Your Mercedes chauffeur will utilize advanced systems such as Brake-Assist and Pre-safe Impulse which help to protect from hazards and impacts, allowing for one of the safest journeys on the road